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Mexico Mission Trip 

Experiences - Seoyeon Jin (진서연)

 Going on my very first mission trip was fun. When I first came Guadalajara, Mexico I was 100% excited. But I got tired when I didn't sleep a lot. 

The days when we walked through the neighborhood I noticed a tone of struggling families that don't have much to live. 

Dogs struggling for food and Cats lost and separated from their mother. I felt sad about how they live and struggle. 

 I had a great time there in Mexico. I was glad to see and hear new things, new places and new languages. Going to churches with the Mexican people and worshiping together was an unforgettable time in my life.

 It was interesting how everybody was calm and so focused while I did Taekwondo and K pop performances.

When I preformed on stage I got a little scared but tried do my best.

I can’t speak Spanish because I don’t know any Spanish so I couldn’t communicate with them. But I met Vanessa, she was the only one to speak english so I’m glad that someone can talk english.

 Thank you God for keeping us safe while we went on a mission. 

When we left to go to the airport we started to miss all the kids there and I hope they miss us too. 

 I will keep all the memories in my heart and never let it go. I hope everyone will keep that heart too. 

I wish to go back to Mexico someday.


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