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My first Mission Trip in Mexico - Seohee Jin (진서희)

 The Mexico trip was a great time to cherish. It was also my first time. The things that I liked about the Mexico trip was V.B.S. I enjoyed doing Nail Art for Mexican Children and other people.

 The people that we saw in Mexico were very kind and welcoming. The Mexican food there was great too. 

What I also liked about the mission trip is sharing the gospel and showing the love to the people in Mexico that Jesus showed us. 

 I performed Taekwondo to the Mexican children with my siblings and realized that showing my Taekwondo made them happy and made myself proud.

 I also noticed how other people in Mexico were living which made me feel bad. Speaking Spanish was also a hard time during the Mexico trip but I still made friends. 

 I am thankful that I got to go on this trip with my family, church members, friends, and God. I hope I can go back someday and the people in Mexico stay safe.


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