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2023 Mexico Mission Trip - Seowoo Jin (진서우)

 The trip to Guadalajara, Mexico was fun. 

I got to meet new people and had a great time. V.B.S. It was fun, teaching Mexican kids origami was quite tiring and difficult. Trying to teach kids in Spanish was hard, because I didn’t know much Spanish. 

I also got scared when I performed Tae Know Do twice. The food in Mexico was good, but I'm not very interested in Mexican food that much. 

 I’m grateful that God helped us get to Guadalajara, Mexico safely. This year was my first year coming to Mexico. When I first saw it I saw many dogs without owners just roaming around. 

 The homes were not as good as the ones in New York. I felt bad for the people in Mexico, so I prayed for them. The hotel that we stayed at was pretty nice, but some of the rooms kinda smelled funny and the bathrooms were not as sanitary as they thought they should be. 

 Guadalajara, Mexico is 2 hours behind New York in time difference, so my sleep schedule was kinda messed up. The plane ride was kinda rough, I didn't get much sleep. I didn’t get to sleep for 38 hours because I woke up on Sunday at 7 AM and slept on monday night so I was really exhausted. 

 I already miss a lot of the people I met during the trip and I hope God keeps the Mexican people safe and protects everyone! 

Thank You.


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